I’m sorry to report this, but it appears you have stumbled through a bad link!

While I have you though, did you know SilverBack…

…can provide contract Technical Project Managers for your internal projects?

…has technical expertise in migrating entire environments to “cloud computing”?

…has designed networks capable of sustaining 1,000,000 hits per second?

…physically migrated over 150,000 devices over the last 10 years?

…can re-cable, document, optimize and beautify your current environment?

…migration teams have moved as few as 2 devices and as many as 4,000 devices in a single move?

…has relationships with most major data center product vendors, and can help negotiate the best procurement terms for you?

…is able to design, implement, and manage data center infrastructure from the building shell all the way to server login?

…wants to help you and your team with your current and future projects!!

…can be reached at 888.245.2344 or silver-info@teamsilverback.com?

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